Performance Management Template

Performance management template is a sample document that shows the process of planning, developing, rating, monitoring and rewarding performance of employees. A well drafted performance management sample can help business and management team to manage subordinate effectively.

Performance Management Overview

Performance management need a systematic and holistic view. A good performance management has five key components: planning, developing, rating, rewarding and monitoring. Planning is to set goals and standards, developing is to address poor performance and improve good performance, rating is to summarize employee performance, rewarding is to recognize employees for their performance and acknowledge their contribution, monitoring means consistently measure performance and provide feedback to employees.

Performance management need to use a balanced system to measure performance. Experts have developed a balanced scorecard system to measure the performance. These measures give management team a comprehensive view of the organization's performance. There are four perspectives to the system: customer (How customer perceive us?), business (How can we satisfy customer needs?), The innovation and learning(Can we improve and learn?), financial (Do we create and add value to stakeholders?).

Performance Management Template

There is free performance example you can download for reference, however, you may design your own sample performance management template for your business considerations using Word or Excel. During the design process, it is important to consider the performance management format, performance management form and performance management layout.

The first key part in performance management template is the overall business goals. In the section, you will develop business strategic plan, business objectives and measurable performance goals. For example, Business strategic objectives:___; The specific measurable performance goals:__.

The second key part in performance management sample is work unit performance goals. In the section, you need to list work unit goals based on the overall business goals and objectives. A work unit is a small group of employees that is supervised by he same first-line supervisor.

The last key part in performance management example is individual performance goals and standards. In the section, you need to show details of individual goals and performance standards. For example, individual goals:___; Performance standards:___; Accomplishments:__.


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