Performance Appraisal Template

Performance appraisal template is a sample document that has a formal, structured system for measuring, evaluating, an employee’s job-related attributes, behavior, and outcomes. A well designed performance appraisal sample can help both employees and organizations to better understand and improve performance.

Performance Appraisal Overview

Performance appraisal has important contribution to the success of business and employees. With performance appraisal, employees can understand more clearly about their own duties, tasks and requirements, know more about what the organization expects from them and their future goals for achieving high performance. From business perspectives, performance appraisal provides the supervisor with a means of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of an employee’s performance, establish the process and procedure enabling managers and employees to jointly establish future development and growth plan for the employees.

Performance appraisal need to assess the performance of the employees from multiple perspectives. The performance can be assessed through supervisor, peer, self, subordinate and customers. Supervisor appraisal has been the traditional approach to evaluating an employee’s performance as Supervisor has the power to reward and punish and know the subordinate better. Some companies use peer assessment to replace or supplement the appraisal given by supervisor. The co-worker who is at an individual’s side all day has an excellent opportunity to observe the individual’s behavior and even can observe the other facets of the employee’s behavior that his supervisor can not because employees often be have differently when the boss is present.

Performance Appraisal Template

There are free performance template you can download for reference, however, you may create a sample performance appraisal template based on your own needs using commonly available software such as Word or Excel. During the development process, it is important to consider the performance appraisal format, performance appraisal layout and performance appraisal outline.

The first key part in performance appraisal template is performance appraisal basic information. In the section, you need to give introduction on the performance appraisal such as the person name, position, the performance appraisal date and other basics.

The second key part in performance appraisal sample is the performance appraisal standards. In the section, you need to show details of rating standards and give guidelines. For example, appraisal guidelines: Base your ratings and judgment on the entire period covered and not upon isolated/recent incident; Consider only one factor at a time; Do not let your rating in one trait influence your rating of another; Base your judgment on the requirements of the job and the performance of the appraisee etc.

The last key part in performance appraisal example is the performance related elements. In the section, you will list all key indicators that influence job performance such as knowledge and competence, attitude, behavior etc. For example, the Knowledge and Skills:___; The Supporting factors:__; Rating:___; Reporting officer:___; Comments:___.


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