Free Performance Template

Performance template is a sample performance document that serves different purposes and objectives. Business  often needs an effective performance management system to evaluate their overall employee performance. In fact, an effective performance appraisal system is one of the key drivers for business success.

There are some free templates you may download for reference, however, these templates are for general use and may not suite your particular needs. You may use commonly available tools such as Word or Excel to design your own performance template.

During the process of design, it is important to consider the performance template format, performance template outline and performance template layout.

Types of performance Template

There are different types of performance templates for personal and business use. For example,

  • Performance review template
  • Performance evaluation template
  • Performance report template

Performance review template is a performance review sample that shows the performance review format, performance review example and the key layout for sample performance review.

Performance report template is a performance report document that give instructions on the performance report format, performance report example and key layout for sample performance report.

Past performance template is a past performance sample document that give instructions on the past performance format, past performance example and the key elements in sample past performance.


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